Friday, June 06, 2008

Flying without wings

It comes as a bit of a shock when your teenager suddenly gets a life. Especially when said teenager has previously been confined to home by anxiety and agoraphobia.

I'm trying really hard not to ring his mobile more than once or twice a day, not to be an overprotective parent even though I have only a rough idea of where he is half the time at weekends. Luckily he is sensible and we trust his judgement, but I guess we are getting into a whole new set of parental worries now.

I do love seeing my offspring take his first tentative flights away from the nest though...

Three notable things

1. The winners of The Orange Broadband Prize and the Award for New Writers have been announced. More details here.

2. I had a great day out on Wednesday helping to teach student health professionals at City University, followed by a lengthy browse around Borders bookshop.

3. Have just realised that I have got an assignment to write urgently at the start of next week, as soon as son 2 returns to school. Although I've done most of the reading I don't know where to start...


Jan said...

Your last line is your crucial the fact you ARE loving it, seeing him stretch his wings...coz the nest will always be there for him to fly back into. Mine still flutter back... as do their partners and it's lovely.... and they're way past teenage!
Just enjoy every stage of the game!

Sue Guiney said...

They say that if your child becomes independent and less in need of you then you have done your job as a parent. Bittersweet, eh? xo

Anonymous said...

Your son will enjoying life because you have given him the confidence and now the freedom to do just that. He will always come back to you, no matter what.

CJ xx

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Look at it this way: it's great material! Best of luck with the assignment.

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Hello! Just stopping kids aren't here yet, but I can see it coming. Feel it more like, by the gentle rise in panic when I read your post. Gulp.