Thursday, December 27, 2007


Christmas wasn't cancelled here, but it might just as well have been.

On Sunday son 2 was really poorly with flu symptoms...teeth chattering, even took himself off to bed at lunchtime ( autistic kids never do that!)

We all continued to have the hacking coughs which seemed to follow the sickness bug, resulting in poor sleeping. On Christmas morning the boys were up early and somehow all presents had been opened by 8am. Later I got our nice little organic turkey into the oven and continued to prepare lunch. By the time it was nearly ready I felt pretty bad. I sat down to try to eat a small portion, but after only a few mouthfuls and a couple of sips of Chablis, I had to give up and lie down on the sofa. Where I fell asleep.

In the meantime son 1 pigged out then took himself off to bed, also feeling ill. Son 2 was a little brighter than he had been on Sunday, but still a bit moody. Hubby was the only one feeling even reasonably fit...and it was a good thing he was, in order to keep an eye on son 2.

I slept through most of the afternoon, just rousing myself occasionally to see what was going on. In the evening I got up for about an hour to tidy up ( Hubby had washed up and done most of it) and to make sure the boys both got their meds. I then fell asleep again, all night, while son 1 also slept right through to the next day.

We are recovering, slowly, but none of us have much appetite yet, so there are lots of goodies still to be eaten. I'm just glad we weren't entertaining this year, so we hadn't gone too overboard with food and drink which might otherwise have been wasted.

Three notable things:

1. A very quiet Christmas ( understatement of the year)

2. Some family issues regarding elderly relatives need to be sorted. Soon.

3. Son 2 has playscheme today and tomorrow. Hooray!


Casdok said...

Oh dear, dosnt sound much fun.
Hope you all continue to recover and are able to sort the relatives out!

Jackie Luben said...

Sorry to hear you've not been well, Cathy. Best wishes for 2008.


Anne Brooke said...

So sorry to hear all this, Cathy - really hope you and the family get better soon.

You can have a late Christmas when you're all up to it.

Hugs and commiserations


Kore said...

Oh so sorry to hear you have been unwell. I hope you all feel better soon and can look forward to a great 2008.
NB x

Cathy said...

Thanks, everyone!

Catherine said...

That is pretty tough Cathy. I hope you all see the New Year in much recovered. You do seem to have more than your fair share of problems, to which you rise magnificantly. Well done.

We had a good Christmas, but it has cost me a great deal in blood, sweat, tears - yes - and sleepless nights. I hope it was worth it. What you read in my blog is the icing on the cake and I do tend to put on my rose-coloured spectacles, but if you could read between the lines...