Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sense of style

I've always envied women who are effortlessly stylish. For some it seems to come so naturally, but I am definitely not one of them.

I think my personal sense of style has always been a little boyish. We were brought up by a religious mother with a total disinterest in fashion and beauty, and as a result both my sister and I tend towards the practical rather than the pretty.

As a student I started to develop a little of my own style, using quirky accessories which stood out, but also experimenting with items of sexier clothing which horrified my mother. However, on entering a staid profession my workwear had to be business (skirt) suits, and as a woman fighting to progress in what was essentially a man's world, I made little concession to feminine fripperies other than make-up and a little jewellery.

I'll gloss over my early years as a parent, when I wore leggings (first time round) for far longer than I should have, simply because they were easy care and easy wear. I was overwhelmed by parenthood and we were short of money, well that is my excuse anyway. I prefered to concentrate my efforts on nice clothes for my babies.

Finally, with both boys in school, I started to develop what I think is my real style. I abandoned utilitarian plain cotton t-shirts for pretty patterned tops, which can be worn with jeans by day or tailored trousers for smarter occasions. I accepted the fact that I am never going to be a skirt person, but developed once again a love for unusual accessories. I learnt to spend more on classic items and less on what might be termed fashion. I even found a brand of jeans which generally fits me quite well, not easy when you are short but also a larger lady. I'm still not a girly dresser, but I hope I have finally found something of a balance between practicality, comfort and femininity. I have come to terms with my size and learnt to work with it, rather than against it for the sake of fashion.

At last I actually like my style and for now I am sticking with it.

Three notable things:

1. Son 1 is singing and whistling around the house for the first time in a couple of years.

2. I managed to do a Tesco shop and some successful work today.

3. Tesco is currently selling chart paperbacks at two for £7. I must resist!


Anonymous said...

I imagine you to be quite sophisticated actually. I only wish I was more stylish. I have tons of clothes but only tend to wear the same old scruffs. I don't go out much so don't have much need for dressy up clothes. Mind you, we're going away soon so I'm going to be raiding a few rails in search of a nice outfit, or two.

Crystal xx

merry weather said...

I can identify with your fashion journey, having been through similar phases. Leggings were great, they were comfortable!

I like particular colours now and stick to that scheme, more or less, far fewer mistakes in the back of the wardrobe these days. Although recently, there was a prickly yellow wool dress... hmm :)

Lane Mathias said...

I applaud you for sticking with a style.
I said I would never wear a smock but of course I caved in. One look at horrifying, shapeless, blobby thing that appeared in a family photo brought me back to my senses. Oh but it was so comfortable.
It'll be elasticated waistbands next:((

Cathy said... sophisticated? Ha ha!

Merry...yellow is a colour that I just can't wear at all, makes me look ill.

Lane... well, I'm shapeless and blobby anyway so a smock wouldn't make much difference. Just as long as it didn't make me look pregnant with twins!I do confess to a few elasticated waistbands, though they are the worst thing out, as you don't notice weight creeping on!