Monday, June 11, 2007


We think the foxes may have gone. Fascinating as they were, they are a nuisance and couldn't stay. Since horses and hounds, or guns, are not a practical solution in a London suburban garden, I sent off for one of these humane and rather clever little ultrasonic gadgets.

Soon after Hubby set it up in the garden, we watched the boldest fox emerge from the bushes. He sauntered up the grass (I hesitate to call it a lawn), then suddenly jumped in fright and ran back to the undergrowth. That was three days ago and we have had no sightings since. Sadly we haven't seen the squirrels either, so we think they have been scared away or worse still, eaten by the foxes.

Son 1 took some pictures, just to prove the foxes really had been there. Sorry about the fuzzy quality after I had cropped and zoomed in to give a closer view, but at least you can see them.


Yvonne said...

Those gadgets are a great idea, very humane as you say. We had a terrible fox invasion problem when we lived in London, could have done with one of them then...

Anne Brooke said...

Great photo, Cathy!


Cathy said...

Thanks Anne....can't take any credit, but son 1 did well with our old Olympus 2.0 megapixel camera!