Friday, June 01, 2007

Diamonds are forever?

The artist Damien Hirst is in the news once again, with a new exhibition about to open in London.

The centrepiece will be this.

I have just one question. Why?


Jackie Luben said...

Hm. Being, no doubt, a Philistine, I've never really seen the point of the cow, or the shark or any of the other creatures treated as art by Damien Hurst. I'm a little bit confused by the picture though. Is the scull life size, in which case, Damien has shrunk.

Cathy said...

I think he is just sitting in front of a blown up picture, Jackie. It is a REAL skull he has put the diamonds on. Have just been watching on the BBC news and the cameras weren't allowed anywhere near the actual 'work of art'!

Oh and I absolutely agree re all his other pieces!

Jackie Luben said...

I loved the occasion when someone carted his stuff off to the rubbish bin not realising it was a 'work of art'.


aminah said...

the most worrying part is the "ethically sourced" jewels. Which country is being reeped of their tresures this time? Makes me feel slightly sick at the thought.

Cathy said...

Excellent point, aminah!

minoritymum said...

I ask the same question. My 3 and 5 year old, however, couldn't get enough of its image on today's Telegraph magazine.

Jan said...

IS it all a joke?
A very expensive silly one.
He is asking MANY more times for it, than its actual worth too...

Anonymous said...

My son saw a picture of the skull in the paper and asked what it was.
I said "It's a new sculpture by a famous artist. Some people think it's a great work of art, some think it's rubbish. What do you think?"
"Rubbish," he said, in his eight year old philistinism.
It's an odd departure from pickled cows.