Friday, June 24, 2011

Going back in time

Today I went to visit a university with Son 1. Not just any university, but the very one from which I graduated 29 years ago, almost to the day.

We went with Son 1's girlfriend, one of her friends and her mother, A, who by coincidence also studied there, a year behind me.

For A and me it was an exciting day, a trip down memory lane. Whilst there have been considerable changes for the better over the intervening years, many familiar landmarks awaited us and I think I can say we both fell in love with the place all over again. I remembered all the good times and conveniently forgot the occasional heartbreak, perhaps she did too. And most importantly for me, Son 1 fell in love with the university too. He could see himself there and I think it may be a dead cert for his UCAS application.

As we looked round the sparkling new function hall in the Students' Union I couldn't help remembering some of the bands I saw in the tatty old place. Here's The Tourists (the precursor to the Eurythmics)


HelenMWalters said...

Wow! That must have been a fascinating experience.

Cathy said...

It really was amazing, Helen. But I'm still recovering, after spending the actual day high on adrenaline.

Anonymous said...

I imagine it would have changed in many way since you were there; health and safety etc!! But what a fabulous experience that must have been. How nostalgic.

CJ xx