Saturday, December 19, 2009

The white stuff

So we have snow again, though not as much as in February.

I don't like snow. It makes me want to huddle up at home and keep my babies (OK, my big thugs) safe with me.

Yesterday I rang the council transport department at 7am to see if son 2's school bus would be running. We need to know early as he can't cope with last minute changes to routine. They hadn't yet decided, so although I knew the school was to be open, I made a snap decision myself and told them he wouldn't be going. This turned out to be a wise move on my part, because as the day progressed it became clear that son 2 was under the weather. No obvious symptoms, but he was very quiet and abnormally lethargic, so I think he must have a slight virus. He was quite happy to stay indoors on his computer and eventually go to bed earlier than usual. Perhaps he was still tired from being a dancer in the school play on Wednesday evening.

It hasn't snowed again overnight and the sun is out, so I'm hoping that the icy pavements will melt. I want to go into town this afternoon for last minute Christmas shopping and with my balance problems, I just don't trust myself on snow and ice!


Anonymous said...

I'm sick of the snow now. It's cold and horrid and dangerous on the roads. There were a lot of schools closed on Friday, some for no reason I don't think. Apart from the fact that teachers wanted a lie in.

CJ xx

Cathy said...

I'm sick of it too. We had some more last night, though not thick. son 2 has two more days of school and I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that he gets there!

Anne Brooke said...

I hate snow too - hope we all keep upright and that it melts soon!!


Cathy said...

Well, I did get into town and kept upright by wearing my very heavy boots. But then they made my legs ache and wobble so I had to spend lots of time in Starbucks with a dark cherry mocha :)

Chris Stovell said...

Oh, look after yourself! It was like a skating rink outside the outlaws when we left... thought we might have to stay there!

Cathy said...

Thanks Chris. The roads are OK here but the pavements are lethal in places.