Thursday, January 29, 2009

A study interlude

Yet again more than a week has passed. But I have been busy, honest.

In that time two OU assignments have been written and submitted. Then on Saturday I attended a day school for the writing course which was stimulating and felt far too short. My mind is now buzzing with ideas for our final big piece of assessed work. Most of those who attended on Saturday met up again on Monday to continue informally. Sadly I couldn't make it, but they kindly looked over my work and fed back to me by email

I have also been glued to the BBC new channel, Obama watching. So far, so good. The same can be said for Son 1's college attendance.

Three notable things:

1. The death of John Updike has provoked a flurry of tributes. I haven't read any of his novels, though I do remember really enjoying a story I read relatively recently. I think it was online but I can't remember where, so that's not much help. Sorry.

2. I have rediscovered my Nintendo DS which had laid dormant for may months. I enjoy doing word puzzles on it but I also now have this. Not a Sony reader, sure, but actually quite readable in small doses.

3. Another birthday has passed, without too much fuss.


Sue Guiney said...

Does that mean a subtle, quiet and belated happy birthday is in order? if so, consider it sent to you from me...xo

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

And a whispered happy fuss-free belated birthday from me too.

Anne Brooke said...

Happy birthday (secretly!)



Cathy said...

Thank you Sue, Zinnia and Anne. Perhaps I should add that the lack of fuss was not at my request, but because son 2 gets very distressed at even the merest mention of a birthday, one of his strange autistic quirks!


Casdok said...

Happy birthday!!!! x

Andrea said...

Insert fireworks.
Making a big fuss here where son 2 will never know.
Passing cyber cake and champagne.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Happy Birthday. I hope you had a good day even if it was quiet (sometimes the best ones).

Beth said...

we had our day school yesterday and ours was far too short too. i can't believe that's the last 'official' time we'll meet our tutor - i'm hoping we can arrange something else at some point, but haven't asked her (or anyone else) about it.

i have an idea for the ECA, finally - i was getting worried but my tutor likes the idea and i am excited about it. it's such a relief, with TMA4 fast approaching.....